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Drew Paralic Jazz Composer: News

My new singles...

Posted on March 15, 2017
...are now on my LISTEN page for your enjoyment.  I will eventually get them on iTunes & Spotify.
Very proud!

Two New Recordings!

Posted on March 11, 2017
So, this past Thursday, I went into Bennett Paster's fine studio in Kensington (Bklyn) with David Del Tredici and James Newman.  Everyone is very happy with the outcomes!  Bennett just emailed me:
"Thanks, Drew!  I thought everyone involved played your compositions with soul, emotion and spirit. The piano was sounding great, too. Give a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks again."
I need a break from music for another day, but will listen and make them available as singles on CD Bay+ (for downloads) and Spotify+ (for streaming), all with some more cool artwork by my good friend Stan Magnan.

Two piano solo recordings

Posted on February 26, 2017
In two weeks, I head into the studio with two wonderful pianists--one jazz, one classical.  The classical piece is a re-recording of my "Prélude d'Ennui", performed and interpreted by the world renowned classical composer David Del Tredici!  (He has a birthday in a few weeks--he'll be 80!  There is a concert/celebration for him at Joe's Pub in NYC on March 13 at 7PM.)  The second piece is a new blues called "Did You Put The Lights On" (about my mother aging--she passed away this past October at 95!) performed and interpreted by my good friend, James Newman. (He performed three solo recordings for me in the past:  Down In Soho 2003, Drew's Blues, and Steps.) Both of these new recordings will be available as downloadable singles.

New Release

Posted on September 17, 2016
It is actually a compilation of my original blues recordings entitled DREW BLUE:
"There are happy blues, and there are sad blues"--Billie Holiday, 1957's The Real Sound of Jazz--a recording of jazz all stars for the Smithsonian Institution.  Words for any musician to live by...
The track list is as follows--all can be heard on my LISTEN page:
1.  At Its Roots
2.  Alternative Blues
3.  Down In Soho
4.  Blue Music Waltz--performed by David Pearl, my great piano teacher
5.  Too Little, Too Late
6.  The Sweetest Crime
7.  Drew's Blues
8.  Roll With It, Baby (Mill Basin Blues)

Entitled DREW BLUE, it showcases almost all my blues tunes recorded since 2001. We are talking 20-25 musicians: 6 quartet settings and two solo piano realizations.  One of the quartet pieces, "The Sweetest Crime" is actually a ballad (led by the bass clarinet of Mike McGinnis) on which I tacked a 12-bar blues riff at 2x the tempo to both expand the piece and showcase the incredible players I have been lucky to record. More info when CDBaby puts it up for sale.

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