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Drew Paralic Jazz Composer: News/Blog

Swing University

Posted on March 10, 2019
I started taking a course at Jazz At Lincoln Center on the history of jazz piano.  Helen Sung is the instructor! (There is a 7' Steinway there for her to demonstrate at times too.)  We are up to the cool period--roughly late 1940s-through the 1950s and beyond.  Billy Taylor wrote a wonderful history of jazz piano book, entitled "Jazz Piano"...

Recording Project Coming Soon

Posted on March 10, 2019
Since my mom passed away (10/2016 ), I have been spending more time taking piano lessons/practicing/listening.  I have been composing some over the years, but spent more energy trying to increase my technique. (Although I am ok, I will always hire players far better than me when I record my stuff.) But being a jazz pianist, and attempting to live up to that moniker, goes hand-in-hand with composing and arranging.  Like listening to the music--BTW, I pledged to WBGO the other day!  Only 4 of every 100 listeners support one of the greatest stations around--I knew the new knowledge I am acquiring would get into my soul and my music eventually.  And it does just that!  Maybe more so with arranging ideas at this point.  So, I am piecing together a recording project--my fifth album, which will hopefully happen this year.

Several Nights at Mezzrow

Posted on March 10, 2019
What a charming venue!  A great Steinway too!  Recently, I saw Mike LeDonne (piano), John Webber (bass), and Joe Farnsworth (drums).  Usually there is no drummer at Mezzrow--guess it depends on neighbors.  Any way they were hot!  Buster Williams (bass) with Brandon McCune (piano) was last night.  Also beautiful!  Maybe more ruminative--no drums? The incredible pianist Helen Sung is there next week...

My Nights at:

Posted on September 17, 2018
BAR 55
Kendra Shank led a quartet with one of my favorite musicians on drums, Matt Wilson. I spoke with him and talked of his melodic playing, and the playing of Vinnie Sperrazza, who I was lucky to have play on a bunch of my stuff. Matt also is a fan of Vinnie’s playing!
Jacob Sacks—the pianist, who along with Vinnie Sperrazza (drums), Mike McGinnis (multi-reeds), and Dave Ambrosio (bass)—drove down to Philly to perform a set of my music at a jazz fest in September of 2014, led a quintet at CSCafé Saturday night. It was an evening of avant- guard jazz music, all originals. Jacob is a very talented musician! *
*Be sure to check my LINKS page for the musician's who played on my recordings websites*

My night at Smoke

Posted on September 12, 2018
My jazz club visitor partner, pianist James Newman, and I went to Smoke Jazz Club, one of our favorites. They featured a Charlie Parker celebration: Vincent Herring, alto sax, led a quintet featuring Gary Bartz, also alto—Bird’s instrument, Dave Karkowski, piano, Carl Allen, drums, and a bass player who’s name escapes me now—a Japanese cat I believe. They were way hot!! And the food was delicious—fried calamari and fish tacos. I may go to Cornelia Street Café this weekend: pianist Jacob Sacks leads a quintet...

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