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Drew Paralic Jazz Composer: News

Paralic streaming on Spotify!

Posted on March 10, 2016
Just plug in my name on Spotify's search engine.  A big f*****g deal, baby!

Apart from more iTunes, Amazon and youtube stuff for my fans, I am now on Spotify and Pandora too!  Just type "paralic" in the search box for whatever digital site you fancy...

A big validation of my music, via Filter Label's downloadable CD--and Spotify & Pandora bound system, will be made available this coming Friday. They enjoyed my music so much, they let me choose the music, order the tracks and title the release! Track list as follows: 
1.  Down In Soho (from "Too Little, Too Late")
2.  Sweet Standard (from "Roll With It, Baby")
3.  When Midnight Rolls Around (from "RWI,B")
4.  The Sweetest Crime (from "RWI,B")
5.  Too Much Joyce (from "RWI,B")
6.  Twilight At Noon (from "RWI,B")
7.  Drew's Blues (from "RWI,B")
8.  Finally 2001 (from "Wintertime Sky")
9.  (On the Occasion of) Wet Snow (from "Blue Passion")
10.  The Arrival (from "RWI,B")
11.  Prélude d'Ennui (from "RWI,B")*
*A solo piano composition, my only recorded classical piece -- think Satie Meets Gershwin -- is the one used by the renowned classical composer, David Del Tredici, as a basis for his successful composition, "Gloss"*

As part of the Keyed-up Music Project, on 2/6 (Saturday@8PM) at the Tenri Cultural Institute, the pianist Marc Peloquin will perform Del Tredici's "Late In The Game", a trilogy of piano pieces of his, the second--"Gloss"-- being a piece using my "Prélude d'Ennui" as a basis.  Del Tredici is a Pulitzer Prize winning composer, and former OMA winner.  At almost 80, he is constantly working.  I find his current period to be his most melodic...anyway, he is a great inspiration. 
Here are a few links:
David Del Tredici: Marc Peloquin: Tenri Cultural Institute:
Tickets are $16 on in advance, $20 at the door; Tenri is located at 43A W13 NYC (across from Quad Cinema)

Through Music Xray -- a site where musicians submit work for various opportunities (e.g.: record labels, radio stations, music supervisors) -- I was contacted by a European record label, Filter Label.  They were very impressed with my music, both quality and quantity, and offered to distribute a digital only compilation of my music.  It will be titled: "Lyrics Without Words: Music of Drew Paralic" and consist of eleven tracks of mine culled from my 4 independently released CDs.  I will pass along more information and links as soon as I can.  Very exciting, I must say!

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