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Drew Paralic Jazz Composer: News/Blog

Two piano solo recordings

Posted on February 26, 2017

In two weeks, I head into the studio with two wonderful pianists--one jazz, one classical.  The classical piece is a re-recording of my "Prélude d'Ennui", performed and interpreted by the world renowned classical composer David Del Tredici!  (He has a birthday in a few weeks--he'll be 80!  There is a concert/celebration for him at Joe's Pub in NYC on March 13 at 7PM.)  The second piece is a new blues called "Did You Put The Lights On" (about my mother aging--she passed away this past October at 95!) performed and interpreted by my good friend, James Newman. (He performed three solo recordings for me in the past:  Down In Soho 2003, Drew's Blues, and Steps.) Both of these new recordings will be available as downloadable singles.