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Drew Paralic Jazz Composer: Listen

How Bill's Heart Sings


Springtime in the city

blossoms in the air

lovers strolling arm in arm

in mine there’s no-one there

Springtime seems a stranger

its joys are far and few

for me it comes as special way 

each time I listen to


How Bill’s heart sings

oh, how it sings

of simple things that light each night

and warm each day 

chasing away the blues and grays

each day with golden melodies of joy


How heartache stings

the tears that it brings

ooh, Then rising through the cold and dark,

songs of love from my Bill’s heart

make the April showers part


How Bill’s heart sings

oh, how it sings

up high on wings I hear it clearly as a bell

knowing I fell under its spell

refrains of whispered promises of love