From the recording WINTERTIME TUNES


(c) 2004 Music by Drew Paralic (BMI), lyrics by John R. Pollard (BMI)
A curious child I wanted to see if reindeer knew how to fly I stayed awake on Christmas eve and gazed at the wintertime sky.
Was it a dream?  I thought that I was awake.  I saw a light flying by, It was not Rudolph’s ruby glow that lit up the wintertime sky.
Santa’s on his way; reindeer pull the sleigh. We get listed as naughty or nice – That is what they say.
Maybe I saw an angel of light or meteor shooting by. I have that precious memory of light in the wintertime sky.
The wintertime chill may offer a thrill to some, but you and I prefer the warmth, all bundled up under the wintertime sky.
Though the warmth of your smile won’t melt all the ice, it keeps my sad eyes dry.  We feel a glow and walk through snow that falls from the wintertime sky.  
Then we beat a quick retreat – take shelter from the frigid street. We take cover huddled inside under the flannel sheets 
I think of the time when an angel of light or meteor speeded by  When I see a brightness in your eyes that lights up my wintertime sky.