Well, 2020 is behind us.  Thankfully we will have a sane white house soon; perhaps America will get back to trying to reach her potential again.

That said, again I will try to use my time productively.  Playing piano/composing/arranging/listening to jazz concerts daily at Smalls.  And I will continue marketing my music and following up on interest shown by some industry professionals last month.  It is something I hate doing; I just wanna make the music, you know!

The artwork for my most recent single (which is on Mary's Place).

The artwork for my most recent single (which is on Mary's Place).

This month I have done a lot of marketing.  Hopefully things will come to fruition by Xmas.  One thing I have done is to work with the well-known jazz promoter, Jim Eigo, who devised an email that is being sent out to 6000 recipients connected somehow in the jazz business, internationally.  Also, I signed a contract with an agent and intend to submit more of my music to other opportunities each week.  I have been emboldened by the unanimous positive reaction to Mary's Place from you and many others--friends and musicians both.  So a big virtual hug!

When I get reports on streaming of my music from Apple Music, Spotify or CDBaby, I am heartened to see that no one tune of mine gets more listening.  Which is the way a composer likes to have his music viewed, as a body of work.  Some tunes get more hits one week, others subsequent weeks.  And different regions of the world are cited as well.

Each day, for 100 straight days as of 9/1/20, Smalls Jazz Club streams live jazz concerts for free from about 4:50-6:30 pm. Their foundation pays the band.  Some great local cats, including Jeremy Pelt, Joe Farnsworth and Peter Washington. Go to SmallsLIVE.com

Several of my tunes (Alternative Blues, Finally, Sometimes I Love You, Drew's Blues) are being used for either TV shows or films in Europe and Canada!  All are registered with BMI, so I do see royalties.  Nothing to write home about...


New CD, "Mary's Place", coming this summer!

Part 2 of my next CD  is finished!  Once again I am blessed with superb musicians--add Brian Drye on trombone and a long time collaborator, Vinnie Sperrazza on drums, along with Mike, Elias and Hyuna.  I expect to have the CD available by March...

Part 2 recording session 1/13! 

4 new originals--quintet (reeds, trombone, piano, drums and bass) setting.  I am very excited (and anxious to move on with my piano lessons).  Road mapping/arranging outlines today...

First part recorded! Beautiful--chamber jazz! 

Spent the day at Bennett's Wash & Dry Recording Studio (Kensington Bklyn) with 4 superb musicians and 4 of my tunes. On piano: Hyuna Park; on violin: Gabe Terracciano; on bass: Elias Bailey; on reeds (flute, tenor sax & clarinet): Mike McGinnis.  The next session, mid January, will be a jazz quintet (with 4 more originals of mine): bass, drums, piano, trombone and reeds.  Looking forward; should have a cd ready by February...

New Album Coming Soon! 

I am doing it as a 60th birthday gift to myself.  It will be titled "Mary's Place":  Mary being my mom.  Several tunes were inspired by her/and her last years, which included staying in a nursing home at the very end.  Mike McGinnis is on board again!  He is working on getting the other players--more to come on that.  And, once again, Bennett Paster (also a very fine jazz pianist) will host us in his wonderful recording studio in Kensington, Bklyn. And Stan Magnan is down again to design the cd sleeve...

Swing University 

I started taking a course at Jazz At Lincoln Center on the history of jazz piano.  Helen Sung is the instructor! (There is a 7' Steinway there for her to demonstrate at times too.)  We are up to the cool period--roughly late 1940s-through the 1950s and beyond.  Billy Taylor wrote a wonderful history of jazz piano book, entitled "Jazz Piano"...

Recording Project Coming Soon 

Since my mom passed away (10/2016 ), I have been spending more time taking piano lessons/practicing/listening.  I have been composing some over the years, but spent more energy trying to increase my technique. (Although I am ok, I will always hire players far better than me when I record my stuff.) But being a jazz pianist, and attempting to live up to that moniker, goes hand-in-hand with composing and arranging.  Like listening to the music--BTW, I pledged to WBGO the other day!  Only 4 of every 100…

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Several Nights at Mezzrow 

What a charming venue!  A great Steinway too!  Recently, I saw Mike LeDonne (piano), John Webber (bass), and Joe Farnsworth (drums).  Usually there is no drummer at Mezzrow--guess it depends on neighbors.  Any way they were hot!  Buster Williams (bass) with Brandon McCune (piano) was last night.  Also beautiful!  Maybe more ruminative--no drums? The incredible pianist Helen Sung is there next week...

My Nights at: 

BAR 55

Kendra Shank led a quartet with one of my favorite musicians on drums, Matt Wilson. I spoke with him and talked of his melodic playing, and the playing of Vinnie Sperrazza, who I was lucky to have play on a bunch of my stuff. Matt also is a fan of Vinnie’s playing!


Jacob Sacks—the pianist, who along with Vinnie Sperrazza (drums), Mike McGinnis (multi-reeds), and Dave Ambrosio (bass)—drove down to Philly to perform a set of my music at a jazz fest in September of 2014, led a…

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My night at Smoke 

My jazz club visitor partner, pianist James Newman, and I went to Smoke Jazz Club, one of our favorites. They featured a Charlie Parker celebration: Vincent Herring, alto sax, led a quintet featuring Gary Bartz, also alto—Bird’s instrument, Dave Karkowski, piano, Carl Allen, drums, and a bass player who’s name escapes me now—a Japanese cat I believe. They were way hot!! And the food was delicious—fried calamari and fish tacos. I may go to Cornelia Street Café this weekend: pianist Jacob Sacks leads a…

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My night at Mezzrow 

On Thursday evening, I was set to see the legendary Shelia Jordan (almost 90 now!).  Unfortunately, she called in sick, but she asked Kendra Shank to fill in. At first I was disappointed, but wanted to hear some live jazz, so after snacking at Otto's Tacos--just around the corner on 7th ave so.--my friend and I joined some more friends and went to the club. Kendra performed with the same bassist and pianist as Shelia was to play with: Cameron Brown and Albeto Piribi, respectively. It was fantastic.  Kendra…

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My night at Dizzy's 

The Glenn Zaleski Trio was swingin' last night at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, my favorite jazz club in NYC--part of Lincoln Center Jazz: the views are spectacular, the music always first rate, and the food...a New Orlean's vibe!

Prior to his gig, I asked Glenn about walking bass (left hand when executed on piano).  He said that Dave McKenna was the best at this, most consistent. Dave was a local Boston-based piano player who actually didn't think of himself as a jazz pianist.  Many would and do disagree!  I…

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