My fifth album of originals is here! Thankfully, it was all recorded prior to our lockdown!



My collaborator, Bob Levy--the celebrated lyricist--heard my tune "Alternative Blues" and penned some cool words. I changed the melody some and added a new bridge.

Perfomed by the uber talented Benny Benack III on vocal and trumpet, with the great Sean Harkness on guitar and bass (and studio work).

BMI sent me a check!

International TV series

There is a series in parts of Europe called The Bridge (or Bron or Broen). I received paymeny from The UK, Norway, Italy, The Czech Republic and France. The tune they are using is Alternative Blues, from my 2004 album Blue Passion. It's a laid back jazz quartet performance of a 12-bar blues I wrote.

New Song

The team behind Twenty-Two has reunited! Bob Levy wrote some cool lyrics to my When Midnight Rolls Around--retitled for legal reasons as Midnight Rolls Around. Benny is back with another great vocal, and this time he plays the flugelhorn too. Both Doug and Steve bring their A game.  (It is still strange to me how such good music can be made remotely.)

Why is jazz not part of the pop scene anymore? 

Hancock - Because it's not the music that matters anymore. People don't care about the music itself anymore, but about who makes the music. The public is more interested in celebrities and how a certain artist is famous than music. It changed the way the audience relates to music. He no longer has a transcendental connection to music and its quality. Just want the glamour. Jazz doesn't want to be part of it. Do you know why? It's not about humility, or arrogance, a posture ′′ we don't want to be famous, we're underground ". None of that. Jazz is about the human soul, not about the appearance. Jazz has values, teaches to live the moment, work together, and especially to respect the next. When musicians gather to play together, you have to respect and understand what the other does. Jazz in particular is an international language that represents freedom, because of its roots in slavery. Jazz makes people feel good about themselves. 

- Herbie Hancock


A positive thing for me during the Lost Year was a nightly live stream from Smalls (a NYC jazz club) and  From Emmet's Place on Mondays. Not only did it keep me sane during a dark time, but it introduced me to many great jazz players, far too numerous to mention. One was the superb Benny Benack III--both on trumpet and vocals! After working at Shetler Studios for 17 years (a huge rehearsal space in Midtown, that folded in 3/2020--I took care of their pianos) I asked Ron, the owner, knowing that he has connections in the theater world if he can recommend a lyricist who likes the music I do. Through several middle men, I was virtually set up with the celebrated Bob Levy, who sent me the lyrics to Twenty-Two. We both liked the outcome, and Bob was interested in a male voice; I thought of Benny. Ben and I have a mutual friend, Glenn Zaleski--a GREAT jazz pianist--who gave me Benny's contact info...

Licensed My Track, "Steps"

By a major fashion company, Woolrich killing quartet (clarinet, piano, bass, drums) version of my tune "Steps", recorded in 2009

My interview for a Russian Blog, Facets of Art:  is now completed after many in-depth questions about my music making that started in this horrific winter through NYC's spring wakening--which, hopefully, will last this time!


There is a haunting tune on my ROLL WITH IT, BABY album, entitled "When Midnight Rolls Around".  I always enjoyed playing it, but over these unemployed days, I have been arranging it for solo piano. Of course, being a composer, I have written a couple of new sections (blues-based).  The above quote that I picked up from Pres. Biden in his speech at the memorial the evening before the inauguration, really gives me hope going forward--and I get MUCH hope also through music: writing, playing and listening. I look forward to the day when I can share...