My fifth album of originals is here! Thankfully, it was all recorded prior to our lockdown!


A positive thing for me during the Lost Year was a nightly live stream from Smalls (a NYC jazz club) and  From Emmet's Place on Mondays. Not only did it keep me sane during a dark time, but it introduced me to many great jazz players, far too numerous to mention. One was the superb Benny Benack III--both on trumpet and vocals! After working at Shetler Studios for 17 years (a huge rehearsal space in Midtown, that folded in 3/2020--I took care of their pianos) I asked Ron, the owner, knowing that he has connections in the theater world if he can recommend a lyricist who likes the music I do. Through several middle men, I was virtually set up with the celebrated Bob Levy, who sent me the lyrics to Twenty-Two. We both liked the outcome, and Bob was interested in a male voice; I thought of Benny. Ben and I have a mutual friend, Glenn Zaleski--a GREAT jazz pianist--who gave me Benny's contact info...

Licensed My Track, "Steps"

By a major fashion company, Woolrich killing quartet (clarinet, piano, bass, drums) version of my tune "Steps", recorded in 2009

My interview for a Russian Blog, Facets of Art:  is now completed after many in-depth questions about my music making that started in this horrific winter through NYC's spring wakening--which, hopefully, will last this time!


There is a haunting tune on my ROLL WITH IT, BABY album, entitled "When Midnight Rolls Around".  I always enjoyed playing it, but over these unemployed days, I have been arranging it for solo piano. Of course, being a composer, I have written a couple of new sections (blues-based).  The above quote that I picked up from Pres. Biden in his speech at the memorial the evening before the inauguration, really gives me hope going forward--and I get MUCH hope also through music: writing, playing and listening. I look forward to the day when I can share...



I am a jazz composer and arranger with 5 self-produced CDs of original music to date. As a non-performing musician, I am very fortunate that my music has been recorded by excellent jazz quintets, quartets, trios, duos, and solo piano players.  (My music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & YouTube--and many other digital distribution/streaming sites--as well as on Just plug in DREW PARALIC in the search areas on those sites. Or go to the 5 pages on my site--MARY'S PLACE, WINTERTIME TUNES, ROLL WITH IT BABY, BLUE PASSION, TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE--to hear 2 min clips of all tunes on that particular album.  You also have the option to purchase a download of each album for a minimal price on those pages or in my STORE page.  In addition,  is another way to achieve access to my music.

My slice of the world-wide inter web is constantly evolving; check back for new tunes and news often, and feel free to send me feedback!  Also, I have over 20 years experience in piano tuning; please check out my section on that for the details.
I  am extremely fortunate to have completed the recording of my new album, Mary's Place, in mid January of this year.  Putting the packaging together now is a bitter/sweet project:  I am both intensely proud of this highly personal album, and very down about the state of America.
"Drew's music is hip and understated, steeped in vintage jazz and blues, with a melodic touch all his own.  Amidst his supple, spacious arrangements, the artful players stretch out beautifully."    - Kirk Nurock: composer, jazz pianist, New School professor


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