I am a jazz composer and arranger with 5 self-produced CDs of original music to date. As a non-performing musician, I am very fortunate that my music has been recorded by excellent jazz trios, duos, quartets and solo piano players.  (My music is available on both Spotify and iTunes--and many other digital distribution/streaming sites--as well as on Just plug in PARALIC in the search areas on those sites. Or simply go to the SHOP section of this website; you can hear previews of my recordings on the LISTEN page...)

My slice of the world-wide inter web is constantly evolving; check back for new tunes and news often, and feel free to send me feedback!  Also, I have over 20 years experience in piano tuning; please check out my section on that for the details.

The Brooklyn-born composer doesn't play a lick of music on this 26-minute recording, but he retains top billing. He earns it by bringing a sense of humanity and warmth into play, while making music that's easy on the ears. Paralic places his pieces in the hands of seven musicians who work in various combinations. -- Dan Bilawsky writing for All About Jazz, reviewing "Wintertime Tunes of Drew Paralic".